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Locally Grown Seasonal Cuisine

At Joshua Charles Catering we are particularly choosey about the quality and source of the ingredients we use to create our catered event menus. This is true whether we are catering a Bay Area cocktail party or a wedding for 400, a corporate VIP event or an 80th birthday party. We take pride in sourcing our produce and meats from local, organic producers who employ sustainable growing and harvesting practices. With strong relationships with local growers, we are always in the know about what is in season, when and stay on top of local growing variations in seasonality year over year. We love getting highly creative with our wedding, private party and corporate event recipes and menus so that your guests receive an exceptional culinary experience. After the fourth time you hear “who did you use to cater this?”, you’ll know why our high standards for culinary excellence is what we are best known for.

Personalized Menu Design & Tabletop Presentation

At Joshua Charles Catering, we offer Bay Area event planning assistance to our catering clients including customized menu designs and tabletop décor. Using assistance from our many trusted partners, we can create an elegant décor for your event – from the linens to the flatware, from the glassware to the floral arrangements and paper the menu is printed on – an event “look and feel” which will create the perfect ambiance at your special event. We personalize your event décor to your specific style, budget and the degree of formality appropriate to the specific personality of your event – from the most warm and intimate to the most exciting.

Wine Selections & Pairings

The wine selections at your catered event can greatly enhance your guests’ enjoyment of each course in your catering menu. The right sauvignon blanc… the perfect pinor noir… the absolute best cabernet sauvignon – your chosen wines make all the difference to bringing out all the taste and flavors in your personalized menu selections by complimenting your cuisine (versus overwhelming it). Our wine experts at Joshua Charles Catering have deep experience in the wine business and understand the importance of sommelier skills and choosing the best varietals and vintages, ensuring that your private party or corporate event is the absolute best it can be.

Sumptuous Desserts

The best menus in the Bay Area wouldn’t be complete without an outstanding assortment of delicious desserts. In this foodie driven culture we live in, dessert recipes have become as competitive as main courses and appetizers, allowing us to indulge ourselves in one last finale to dinner’s delights. At Joshua Charles Catering we really believe in a GREAT dessert recipe. Using the best chocolates, organic cream, unbleached flours and unrefined sugars, we create magic with our dessert menus. From chocolate mousse bars to fresh fruit tartlets, from spiced carrot cake to profiteroles, we know you will “just say YUM” to our sophisticated variety and taste-saavy dessert concoctions.

Extraordinary Libations

What would a party be without the right cocktails? Cocktail recipes – from the alcoholic to the non-alcoholic – are all the rage right now with signature drinks popping up at bars, restaurants and at Bay Area catered events just like yours. We love dreaming up new drink recipes at Joshua Charles Catering and creating new ways to wow your guests from that perfect sangria to a nontraditional wine spritzer to a new twist on old favorites like a Manhattan or rum and tonic. Let us work with you to help you express your personal style through a party cocktail which say it all – in name and in ingredients.

Elegant Floral Designs – Lighting – Event Decor

Our Bay Area floral design partners at Joshua Charles Catering couldn’t be more talented. Experts in coloration, flower growing seasons, how to combine different varieties in creative ways and unique floral designs and arrangements, they are an essential part of our catered event success. Our lighting design consultants are also a critical element of our design team, adding unexpected excitement to events through the use of different sites, strengths and colors of event lighting to complement both corporate events, weddings and private parties. We also work with experienced event planners with design backgrounds to conceptualize other décor elements to add to an event’s overall ambiance and design theme. These vary from the smallest tabletop party favors to more sophisticated ice sculptures and chocolate fountains and everything in between. We love working with our event specialists to communicate our clients’ specific needs and collaborate synergistically with them to leverage elements of our event menu and overall aesthetic. We know they are masters at their art just as we are in the culinary department and together, we make a powerful statement for your guests, that they will remember for years to come.

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